I am always interested in working on robotics projects and I am collecting here the robots I have created or worked with/on.

About me

ConvenienceBee-robot (2020)

This is the robot we used in ConvenienceBee retail stores. We don't really have a name for it and there is not much fancy feature on it. But it has been deployed at scale and created real value for the business.

Turtlebot (2017)

We try to make it act like a real photographer. It was a lot of fun building this one together.

Crazyflie (2017)

This one is a palm-sized drone. In a research project, we try to use neural networks to replace the PID controller and get quite good results. I also added a camera to this little one and I documented how I did that in this blog post.

Flycam (2016)

This is DJI's phantom. Regardless of how they categorize it, to me it is robot capable of flying. We designed a much more intuitive control for drone photography.

Co-robot Wheelchair (2015)

This is something I built from scatch from a commercial powered wheelchair during last year of PhD. We have some publications with this robot and an unfinished blog post on how I make it. It was a lot of fun!

KEJIA (2010)

This is the robot we built to partipate in the RoboCup @Home League. We started to explore home service robot with it. The last time I worked with Ke jia is in the 2010 game in Singapore. After I graduated, the appearance and design of this robot changed a lot over the years.

SONY AIBO (2008)


This is the start for me. We have participated in the RoboCup SPL several times, and we entered the final game in 2008 when teaming up with UTS.